Human Trafficking - The Tipping Point (Nordic)

February 13, 2014

Our government is currently looking at how we can implement laws that will serve to protect our women and youth as a result of December’s Supreme Court of Canada Ruling on the Bedford case. This ruling, left unchallenged, opens the door for predators to legally exploit victims and reap significant financial profits. As the Prime Minister has expressed, prostitution is ‘particularly harmful for our communities and women.’


I am pleased to provide you with The Tipping Point, a report I have developed in response to the Supreme Court of Canada ruling. I believe our country is at a ‘tipping point’ and we must ensure that our nation’s response decisively protects women and communities for generations to come.


I have prepared The Tipping Point to provide Canadians with an idea of how the Nordic Model of prostitution functions and successfully provides the tools to prevent sex trafficking and exploitation of women and youth. This report also makes recommendations on how Canada could adopt a ‘Made in Canada’ version of the Nordic Model.






Joy Smith, M.Ed., B.Ed

Member of Parliament

Kildonan – St. Paul